Unique in Asia.

HYP ASIA is the only Asian importer to look for something other than a low price.
This explains our exponential growth for several years.
To understand the secret of our success, here is a true story.

The 7-Eleven Group is the largest distributor in Asia with more than 15,000 stores. It is almost impossible to enter a new brand on the shelf because there are few references per store and a strong pressure on the purchase price. Yet, HYP ASIA has been selected by 7-Eleven in recent years thanks to our unique method. We have even become their main partner for the search of new wines and communication around their brands.

We use the same method with all distributors. The more a distribution network is positioned on high-end wines, the more efficient HYP ASIA is compared to the competition. Here’s our secret.

Customers in Asia

Asian customers, unlike prejudices, do not look for low prices when buying wine. It is exactly the opposite. Here is a very interesting study:

According to what criteria do you choose a wine?
1. The taste 2.The packaging 3.The brand 4.The reputation 5.The provenance 6.The vintage 7.The price 8. Others

While our competitors spend 95% of their energy seeking for low prices to sell at low prices, we devote the same energy researching the 6 other criteria. Here is the first part of our secret, but it’s not all.

Distributors in Asia

We guarantee optimal satisfaction to all our distributors (restaurants – convenience stores – hotels – bars – wine shops – duty free – supermarkets – etc.).
Indeed, we are the only importer in Asia to provide them with new, highly qualitative brands, a marketing support and products that appeal to their end customers on the long term. They easily sell imported wines thanks to our unique marketing technique in parallel to the distribution and to our unusual supplier partners.

Our Selection

The success of a brand is the result of a joint work between the supplier and his importer. For this, we are very close to each of our suppliers, every day of the year.

Each month, a few new suppliers from Europe, America, Australia and other regions of the world join HYP ASIA. Some suppliers have low volumes to export to Asia at high rates, others have higher volumes of wines, beers or liquor, some produce organic wines or again wines with blends or high qualitative mono-grape varieties. We have selected all of them despite their differences. They trust us, that is the principal for a long-term relationship between a supplier and his importer.