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Case n°1: Premium Beer Import for Asian Distributors

Beer Import Asia
  • Company: Brasserie de Monaco
  • Product Type: Beer
  • Supplier Country: Monaco
  • Before the parntership with HYP ASIA: 0% Export to Asia
  • Mission: Introduce & sell this premium, high-priced beer from Monaco to Asian distributors.
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Distributors Targeted: Hotels, Restaurants, Luxury Retail Shops, Supermarkets, Convenient Stores

Starting Point:

Monaco Brewery’s, owned by the Pastor family—one of the world’s wealthiest families—embarked on an ambitious journey to expand their luxury beer brand into the Asian market. To facilitate this venture, Mr. Pastor engaged HYP ASIA and Alexandre Petit, leveraging their expertise to introduce their high-end beer across targeted regions in Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China.

The collaboration kicked off on a high note, primarily due to the exceptional quality of Monaco Brewery’s beer—a critical prerequisite for HYP ASIA before considering any brand for presentation to Asian distributors. This quality foundation paved the way for a 12-month partnership aimed at establishing Monaco Brewery as a premium beer choice among Asian distributors and consumers alike.

This case study delves into the strategic steps taken by Monaco Brewery, in partnership with HYP ASIA, to successfully import and establish their luxury beer in the competitive Asian market, emphasizing the importance of product quality, strategic partnerships, and targeted market entry.


The results concerning import and distribution in Asia were very fast in this case, as the first order took place within just 6 weeks.

The first month was dedicated to broadly introducing the product to the first 5 potential distributors, including major retail chains and hotel groups.

After tasting the samples, one luxury retail chain and hotel group placed an order for several pallets, then 2 containers, in Taiwan.

HYP ASIA handled the importation, sales, and secured payments between the buyer and supplier to ensure smooth operations and mutual trust between both parties.

Financial Analysis, Investment/Outcome Report:

For Monaco Brewery’s, partnering with HYP ASIA has proven to be an exceptionally strategic and cost-effective decision.

Considering the potential investment required Monaco Brewery’s to independently introduce its luxury beer to the top 5 distributors in Taiwan, China, Macau, or Hong Kong—which could range between 500,000 Euros and 3 million Euros, depending on various factors such as on-site personnel and advertising efforts—a collaboration with HYP ASIA offers a significantly more advantageous route.

This partnership not only minimizes the financial investment by a factor of 10 to 50 times compared to going it alone but also alleviates Monaco Brewery’s from the extensive workload and time commitment needed to penetrate these tough markets.

From Monaco Brewery’s perspective, the decision to work with HYP ASIA has accelerated their entry into key Asian markets, optimizing both their financial investment and operational efficiency.

HYP Asia import the bext international brands to Hong Kong, Macau, China Mainland, Taïwan, Korea, Japan and other asian countries
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