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Case n°3: Champagne Import to China

Champagne HYP ASIA import
  • Company: Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs (Private Label)
  • Product Type: Sparkling Wine
  • Supplier Country: France
  • Before the parntership with HYP ASIA: 0% Export to Asia
  • Mission: Introduce & sell this champagne from to Asian distributors.
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Distributors Targeted: HoReCa (Hôtels, Restaurants, Casinos, Clubs)

Starting Point:

We were contacted by an ambitious company involving Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc, a champagne of unparalleled quality and finesse, yet remarkably absent from the Asian market.

With a high retail price reflecting its exclusivity, this champagne sought to establish its presence in the luxurious nightlife of Macau, Hong Kong, and China Mainland, targeting elite destinations such as nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, and casinos.

Entrusted with this challenging mission, we faced a daunting landscape: amidst 5,000 champagne producers and tens of thousands of sparkling wine producers worldwide, our task was to penetrate a fiercely competitive market, synonymous with luxury and opulence.

With 0% distribution in Asia at the outset, our journey with Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc was not just about introducing a premium product, but about navigating through immense competition to carve out a niche in the exclusive world of luxury nightlife and entertainment.


The results of our efforts to introduce this luxury champagne were outstanding.

Within the first 12 months alone, we had secured its presence in the most prestigious nightclubs in Macau, capturing the attention of the largest buyers from Macau’s hotel groups.

Furthermore, we made significant inroads into the trendiest nightclubs in Hong Kong and partnered with a specialized importer for the bustling restaurant market in Mainland China (Shenzhen).

Over the course of our 3 year mission, we continued to oversee this endeavor, achieving excellent results despite the intense competition and rivalry in the sparkling wine market within Asia’s nightlife scene.

Our dedicated and strategic approach enabled Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc to not only penetrate but thrive in this highly competitive luxury market.

HYP ASIA Import Hong Kong
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