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Case n°2: Bordeaux Wine Import to Asia

Alexandre Petit 7 Eleven HYP ASIA
  • Company: Château Dedieu
  • Product Type: Wine
  • Supplier Country: France
  • Before the parntership with HYP ASIA: 0% Export to Asia
  • Mission: Introduce & sell this red wine from Bordeaux A.O.C. to Asian distributors.
  • Duration: 10 years
  • Distributors Targeted: Supermarkets, Convenient Stores

Starting Point:

The starting point of our journey with Château Dedieu began with a complex challenge: exporting big quantities of Château Dedieu, a Bordeaux AOC wine, to the Asian market. Until then, this wine had never crossed into Asian territories. The producer of Château Dedieu aimed to penetrate the uncharted Asian market, where it sought to establish its presence.

Faced with this challenge, he turned to our import company, HYP ASIA, for expertise.

Our mission was clear yet far from simple: to introduce Château Dedieu to supermarkets and convenient stores chains in Asia. This promising market is known for its heightened competitiveness. The region is flooded with quality wines, making shelf space in retailers extremely competitive. Bordeaux producers, in particular, face a real challenge, as Asian distributors select only a limited number of references from an abundant offer. Despite these hurdles, this project represented an exceptional opportunity and an exciting challenge for our team. The beginning of this collaboration marked the starting point of a promising adventure, showcasing our commitment to opening new horizons for Bordeaux wine producers in the Asian market.


Over the duration of our 10 year partnership and beyond, we successfully imported and sold Château de Dieu wines to the largest convenience store chain in Taiwan and China, as well as to 6 supermarket chains, encompassing more than 15,000 stores in total. Through diligent monitoring, we ensured secure sales and payments, committing ourselves fully to the task at hand. Our efforts resulted in the complete export of the vineyard’s production to the Asian market through our channels. This accomplishment not only highlights our ability to navigate complex markets but also underscores the exceptional quality and appeal of Château de Dieu wines. Our partnership has significantly contributed to establishing a strong presence for Bordeaux wines in Asia, demonstrating the potential for successful international wine distribution when executed with expertise and dedication.

Alexandre Petit Wine Expert for HYP ASIA-min
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